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Are we all ready for the show this Saturday? The menu to the left has links to pre-registering models, model registration forms, ordering “early bird” passes for Saturday morning. Show flyer and maps as well. Our host hotel also is the location of our hospitality room both Friday and Saturday evenings. If you arrive early on Friday, we meet at the Smyrna Community Center parking lot around noon and then go to have lunch. Afterwards a ride up to Toby’s Aston Martin shop (this is the first year we eat BEFORE going to the shop).

Also…our web theme is “50 Years Of Mustangs”, there will be a category on the tables for your Mustang models. A number of ACME members have built 2015 Mustangs for this theme. Everyone is encouraged to enter their favorite Mustangs. There will be a special award for this category you don’t want to miss!