All posts for the month March, 2016

One of our themes for our 2016 show is “Deja Vu” which celebrates our 20th anniversary by having one theme cover the previous themes. If you built for the theme previously, or perhaps didn’t finish one, here’s your chance. Obviously these themes cover almost everything, so consider putting your best theme subject in the category while others can go in the standard categories. If you won a theme before, bring it back with your trophy!

1996: Nostalgia & Muscle Cars. Nostalgia-inspired builds, muscle cars.

1997: Deuces Are Wild & Real Street. ’32 Fords and Pro-Touring style builds of vintage cars

1998: Animal House & Big Ugly Cars. Any car with an “animal” name, any big ugly car.

1999: Topless & Dressed To The Nines. Convertibles, and cars built in a year ending in “9”

2000: Car Of The Century & Box Stock. Build the car you think is the best car from the past century, and box stock builds.

2001: First Love & Hot Wheels. Build a model of your first car, or the first car you loved, build a model of a car inspired by a Hot Wheels car.

2002: Orphaned Cars & Woodies. Build a model of a car from a company that no longer exists or sells in the US, and woodies.

2003: Cool ‘Vettes & Hot Tuners. Any Corvette, and any Tuner.

2004: Prancing Horses: Mustangs & Ferraris.

2005: Road & Track, 50 Years of the Small Block. Build a road version of your favorite race car, or both, and any model featuring a small block Chevy engine.

2006: Porsche & Pony Cars.

2007: Diamonds & Gold. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of 1957 and the 75th anniversary of 1932, build models of subjects from either or both years.

2008: Mopar & Mercedes Benz

2009: Retro In The Metro & Speed Weeks. Retro-inspired cars, and anything that raced at Daytona.

2010: Commercial & Customs.

2011: Wires, Steelies, Alloys. Build models based around these styles of wheels.

2012: 50 Years of the Shelby Cobra & TV and Movie Cars.

2013: Route 66 & Salt and Sand. Build American-style nostalgic cars common in the glory days of Route 66, and Bonneville/salt flats/land-speed record cars.

2014: Sunday Sunday Sunday!! Monday Monday Monday!! Models of cars raced on Sunday and sold on Monday.

2015: Vans & Wagons.